"Spending May 27 at Finca Hoya del Pozo celebrating the Holy Communion of the twins was an unforgettable day, not only because we enjoyed a very special day in the company of the family but because we all had a wonderful time there.
It was the afternoon we had always dream."

At Finca Hoya del Pozo you can celebrate important dates:
For your business, the presentation of the new product, a meeting with all the delegates, a wine tasting, the merger of several companies, either full-time or part-time.
For you, from the baptism of the new member of the family, Elena's fifth birthday on a Wednesday afternoon at the end of the day, the communion of the three cousins who have first communed together in the neighbourhood parish, the 30th birthday of my partner, the silver weddings of John and Mary that we prepared as a sports event to be able to have a laugh with friends, and of course a wedding.
There are spots in the cottage so that all the celebrations have their special seal, you can marry between the palm trees, either on the lawn at the back of the garden or at the entrance, making the "Yes, I want" moment unforgettable for everyone. At Hoya del Pozo you will find your desired privacy and you will be able to live the moment with fullness.
The catering can be seated, by corners, buffet type, and finger-food style as well as making use of the barbecue for supper and leftovers.
You can have the property from early in the morning until 23:00 and you can use the kitchen as well as the dance hall. Come take a walk on the property and let us meet each other.